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These Testimonials demonstrate some pretty powerful feedback from my customers and former employers.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions1 (Employer) – April 2014

Eric performed in a developer, architect, mentor and managerial capacity at Allscripts for 21 years. We appreciated his loyalty and commitment to our company, customers, his team and the product, and he will be missed. Eric’s attention to detail and his ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking helped us to solve some of the most complex problems and to create an array of programs and solutions that are critical to our customers’ operations. He is a great manager and his direct reports have said that they would work for him again in a heart-beat. We look forward to working with Eric again and we wish him the best in his new venture.

Compass School House – February 2015

Thank you so much for spending time with me today and sharing your knowledge, experience, and guidance as to how to effectively and efficiently use GoDaddy to create an email system for Compass School House (CSH).

Flagler Hospital at St. Augustine (Customer) – December 2014

Before working with Eric, we were having so many issues with our HIM system that we were starting to consider replacing it with another product entirely.

It was an overwhelming prospect, as we had just invested more than a year into configuring the system, and our entire department operations centered on it, not to mention the prospect of the cost of replacing the entire system. We are using it for scanning paper documents, archiving electronic documents, deficiency management, and release of information, not to mention our legal medical record -a daunting task to replace.

But unfortunately, the volume of issues that our support team was unable to resolve, was to the point that our I.T. management staff, network engineers, database administrators, and our highest level of hospital leadership were questioning if the system was even salvageable.

We were dealing with ongoing system instability. The integrity of our legal record was being called into question by our legal and medical informatics teams. It was missing significant content and other critical data, along with unneeded repetition and other inefficiencies. We were also trying to manage without basic operational reports such as DRG, diagnosis and procedures for coding. And we were lacking basic ROI reports such as a listing of patient CD requests to meet meaningful use requirements. We were dealing with multiple issues with UNIX print limitations –e.g. we couldn’t print reports more than 150 pages without significant workarounds. Our clinical staff couldn’t even print documents needed to facilitate patient care.

Before we started working with Eric, we had worked with several individuals who have attempted to assist us, but no one came even close to Eric’s grasp of the issues, and they rarely had any solutions.

Eric is very personable and a pleasure to work with, coupled with a very unique combination of skills with report writing along with an in depth understanding our applications, UNIX, Oracle and SQL. It all made dealing with our challenging issues a painless process.

He knows just where to find the data we needed in both the Clinical and HIM systems to get our legal record in sync with our EMR. And even though we had a lot of issues to tackle, his range of knowledge was so broad, that there was no issue he couldn’t tackle for us. And often he knew the answer immediately, with little to no work involved. We were so impressed with how he was able to map out solutions to the most complex issues the same day that we brought them to his attention. We now have all of the operational reports that we need, the legal record is in sync with our EMR, and everyone can access and print the clinical and operational data that they need. He was able to optimize the HIM system to the point where we refuse to consider replacing it now.

To summarize, Eric optimized our systems to provide us all needed operational and clinical reports, and our legal record is now compact, efficient and in sync with our Clinical System. He saved us the trouble and expense of purchasing/implementing a new system at a time when we had exhausted all other options.

  1. Allscripts is now known as Altera. ↩︎